3977 Warrensville Center Rd., Warrensville Heights, OH, 44122-6764 
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Full service
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Reviewed by: katrinao28 on: 2021/5/30 6:58:13
I wanted to like this restaurant and support however the Customer Service Sucks. I don't know if they was having a bad day but to Yell on the Phone and Curse to a customer because they forgot part of my order was unnecessary. I am very disappointed with the service. They need to fix their online menu so that it displays all items and options correctly. I will NEVER ORDER FROM HERE AGAIN AND I WILL MAKE SURE TO PASS THE WORD TO EVERYONE I KNOW.
Reviewed by: scnichols7708 on: 2020/4/11 18:44:10
AS much as I wanted to like the food since the take out is so close to home, I really disliked it. The chicken chow mein was chopped celery and chunks of chicken in the clear colored sauce...nothing else. The egg food young was scrambled eggs. The egg roll was good. Decided we would never order from there again. I have eaten chow mein all over the United States and have never had such bad food.
Reviewed by: kelvinross729 on: 2018/9/1 19:54:44
Fast delivery and very good food!
Reviewed by: kennydixon3 on: 2016-01-12
great food. great service. people dont understand how to order food made obvious by the reviews saying they charged them unknowingly
Reviewed by: jamesjonesjr6482 on: 2014-04-11
Very fast delivery, great food..
Reviewed by: kelleelatia on: 2014-02-09
I been ordering from here for years fast delivery friendly people. In they also have the best chicken.
Reviewed by: ronda2277 on: 2012-05-07
I have been ordering from this place for years for lunch take out/delivery at work. The food is delicious and I haven't had any trouble with the delivery service, they are always very prompt and normally come to my location much quicker than the quoted time. :-)
Reviewed by: famillegborione on: 2011-08-20
i love orange chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good shit
Reviewed by: read.spring8 on: 2011-04-15
This resturaunt has delicious foods. I love it. I highly recommend this chinese resturaunt.
Reviewed by: Paul on: 2010-11-10
Great service, all food is very fresh and fast delivery.