3977 Warrensville Center Rd., Warrensville Heights, OH, 44122-6764 
Full service,Fast Food

Fried fish(2) with pork fried rice!
Fried chicken wings(4) with fre
Fried dumplings!
Fried baby shrimp(15) with pork!
Dragon and phoenix!
Chicken with garlic sauce!
Chicken with broccoli!
General tso's chicken!
Beef with Chinese vegetable!
Golden fingers(7)!
Beef with broccoli!
Fried wonton(10)!
Fried scallops (8) with fried rice!
Fried king crab stick(5) with pork fried rice!
Fried jumbo shrimp(5) with fried rice!
Spicy stir fried jumbo shrimp!
Spare ribs!
Seafood delight!
Roast duck!
Pork egg rolls!
Pepper steak with onion!
Orange chicken!
Moo goo gai pan!
Kung pao chicken!
Happy family!
Hot and sour soup!
Sweet and sour shrimp!
Spare rib tips with pork fried rice!
Spare rib tips with french fried rice!
Shrimp with lobster sauce dinner!
Shrimp with Chinese vegetables!
Shrimp with cashew nuts!
Shrimp chow mein dinner combination!
Shredded beef szechuan style!
Sesame chicken!
Spare ribs!
The Logo!